What is Teej Festival all about?


Teej is a festival in India which is also known to be the largest festival in the world. More than 100 million celebrate this festival in the month of Shravan. A few years ago, this festival was only performed in Northern India. But now this festival is celebrated in all parts of India including Assam, Bihar, Punjab and Pradesh. The festival marks the start of monsoon season and celebrated to honor the reunion of Lord Parvati and Lord Shiva. You may find hundreds and thousands of couples in this festival. Women mostly come to pray for the well-being of their husbands and men pray for the prosperity of their wives.

Foreigners may find vising this Teej festival very amusing because the festival is full of latest fashion, dancing and music performance. You may get a chance to see the traditional ancestral dances and moves by mixing hundreds of colors. This festival also requires a fast to be performed either by a husband or a wife, to display harmony and pray tribute to their lords.

How is Teej Festival celebrated in each state?


Teej festival is one of the most traditionally celebrated festival in Gujrat with famous Gerba and Dandiya dances performed day and night. Guajarati’s wear the traditional Ghagra cholis to celebrate this event in the most colorful way. With the rise and awareness of this celebrated festival, Gujarat has the most popular and well-organized way to encourage foreigners get insights of their traditions.


The festival of Teej is very old and no one can trace the exact origin of the start of this festival. However, Rajasthan wins here by popular vote, where husbands and wives take parts in dancing sessions, wear color Teej clothes and are decorated in famous Rajasthani suits. Foreigners may find this festival interesting as most of the street shops offer almost free food and drinks. You can also buy Rajasthani kundan jewelry in cheap. The celebration lasts for 3 days and trillions of people join this festival each year.


Punjabis celebrate this festival all around the year with many dance competitions, signing, painting, mehndi and various other methods to draw attention. Giddi, one of the oldest dance is performed in Punjab’s Teej festival each year with traditional footwear and clothing’s. The festival also encourages street vendors to earn money by selling traditional foods and beverages, mostly alcoholic. Punjabi dance is different and makes huge attention within the Punjabis. Other important things that are worn in this festival by Punjabis are earring, bangles and traditional necklaces.

These were the major places where Teej festival is celebrated. Obviously, there are tens of other places where Teej is celebrated in India, but these 3 places get all the attention and the rush to encourage foreign visitors to get deep insights of India tradition and culture.

You may also find this festival celebrated in Hindu majority areas other than India. One example of it is in Nepal and Burma, where the majority are Buddhists, but Hindus celebrate this festival with peace and solidarity. This festival is very entertaining to see and is a must celebration to see by every foreigner once in life.

To get into India, go to your nearest Indian Embassy and ask them the procedure to visit this festival. Indian Embassies are almost everywhere and in all countries of the world. You may also be privileged to get a free visa if you are in the list of visa free countries of India. Hoteling and food is cheap. Teej festival in India is surely a visit not to miss.