Save money on your cruise


If you ask from any experienced cruiser he will tell you about the beauty he saw, the fun he had and all the ports he visited. He will tell you about the cheap and expensive cruises he had but in the end he will tell you that all the cruises just want you money and you have to spend a lot to enjoy your trip according to them. You must ask him to give you tips to save money on your cruise

You are planning to go on a cruise ship vacation alone or with your family. Both have their own flavor. Cruise ship vacations are basically of two types. One is the week cruise ship vacations and the other is around the world cruises. It depends upon your budget and you vacation period. If you are going on a smaller vacation you can go for 1 week or 2 weeks’ vacation cruise. That starts from time to time and you can get information about them from internet or travel agencies.

Of course, this is a business, it is your holiday but it is their duty day and they know very well how to extract money from your pockets and fill their till. I will tell you about the tip you must follow to save money on your cruise.

  • Sign and Sail card

The very first step where you are looted by the cruise is the sign and sail card. For any new cruiser they offer a sign and sail card to every adult. You can use it in place of cash on counter, in the dance club, in bar and places like these. You are told that it is easy for you to handle a card instead of money and you can pay the bill in the end of the vacation, at the time of leaving the cruise. But through this card you cannot save money on your cruise.

  • Problems with Sign and Sail Card

But the drawback is that, it is just like a credit card where you have to spend more. Just like the credit card where we spend 18% more while shopping and do not notice this drawback the same is true with the sign and sail card. You spend more money than is required. The problem is that there are some places where you cannot use money even if you want to and you are forced to use the sign and sail card. You cannot hand the waitress any cash unless you give her an additional tip which is also included in the tip and so you cannot save money on your cruise.

  • Solution

The best way to save money on your cruise is to take the card as it is necessary at some places but you must identify the places where you are allowed to use cash instead of the sign and sail card. The places like casinos, bingo, tips to room steward and dining rooms are places where you can pay cash and you should to save money on your cruise.

To save money on your cruise you can go to Pursers desk and pay your bills by hand and can enjoy all the funs of the cruise without losing any extra money.