Places to visit in Masachaussets


Massachusetts is the State of US and shares a long coast with the water on the East. Boston is the capital of this state and is very rich in history. This state is home to the major freedom fighting movements that had its full presence and influence in late 1770’s. You may see thousands of art galleries and museums that displays the detailed history of this place in writing and in picture as well as art. The fine arts museums is the best of its kind and is frequently visited by many foreigners and Americans from other states. Apart from that, Massachusetts has one of the most top class and influential personalities, magnate and businessmen living in the. State, that has the powers to rule the world, metaphorically. The Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts is ranked amongst the best places to study in the world.

Below is the list of the best places that you can visit in Massachusetts.

1 – Martha’s Vineyard

This tiny island is situation in the Atlantic Ocean and have Cape Cod in the South. This place is famous for its scenic carousel and iconic cottages. The place has many amazing beaches where you can enjoy the best days of your life while watching a sunset. Just make sure that you grab your camera along, so you can grab the memories of a lifetime.

2 – Lexington

This amazing place is just the North of Boston which was one of the places where the independence war was declared, started and won. This place is rich of sculptures and you may find tens of Sculptures and American as well as British Troops in the city. If you love history, then Lexington is a place you must never miss. You can get a whole lot of insights and details of the minutemen militia members, who were crushed by the troops.

3 – Concord

Concord is said to be one the places that has the largest number of transcendentalists. It also has the top historical sites one must visit in life before dying. Even the movement of independence got started from this place and it is very rich in history. “Little Women”, the auto biography of the great Louisa (a great Author, biographer and producer) was also set at this place and you can easily travel the site by going to God’s Orchard House that has the original preserves of all works of many famous philosophers and writers.

4 – Salem and cape Ann

Cape Ann is situated in the North of Boston and known as a healthy fishing harbor which was once a major China trade route in the past. However, this place is not very well visited as people are not aware of the beautiful beaches and sites it has. You may visit the historical birthplace of Hawthorne and you may find hundreds of people already at this place. Salem is definitely a must visit site you may never miss if you love little towns, arts and crafts.