Top Places to Visit in Hungary


Bordering the three most exotic countries of Central Europe Hungary is the epitome of European splendor and culture. This European nation has thousand year old heritage including the ruins and edifices from the Second World War in form of buildings, synagogues and palaces straight out of Disney Land. Although Hungary is landlocked, the lack of sea does not hinder the visual appeal of the great cosmopolitan cities of the Hungarian terrain. The astonishing lakes and river adjoining lush courtyards and statures with Turkish and Roman architectural influences make up for the loss of sea.

Majority of the country’s attractions are in the great historical district of Erzsébetváros and the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. The place is thick with ancestral synagogues and Jewish Monasteries that date back to when the city was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Outside of New York City the Great Synagogue of Budapest is the largest place of alliance for Jewish to worship. The Synagogue holds the great tragedy of the Jewish massacre by the Nazis in the Holocaust Tree of Memory at its north tower. The place has both spirituals and quixotic manner of construction.

Then there is the Hungarian State Opera of the neo-Renaissance era, one of the most dazzling designs of the 17th Century. Illustrious performers such as Puccini, Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi and Liszt have been showstoppers in this magnificent building, their statues still grace the interior along with the limestone columns and low-hanging chandeliers. The City of Budapest and Pecs are notorious for its thermal baths, a culture innovated by the Greeks but mastered in the Szechenyi Grand Spa with in and out-door pools of amazingly calm temperature. Pecs is also known for the countless mosques and mausoleums of the Turkish and Iranian Pashas of the early 15th and 16th Centuries.

As you can see Hungary is a beautiful compilation of antiquity and its history is thick with the cultural heritage of many dynasties that have presided over it in the past. Each milestone that marks the charm and fascination of an area in linked with a past which sometimes rather terrifying than stimulating. But interesting nonetheless. A prodigious example of a startling choice of tourism is the House of Terror. The manor is dense with distressing history of tortured Jewish victims which is why the walls were made more profuse than normal to muffle the agonizing screams. The monument is now the headquarters for Police but back during the war was center of ghastly atrocities and political activities which are displayed in the museum inside in the form of pictures, structures and paintings.

Hungary is the motherland to many other stunning landmarks natural and man-made to make your journey one for the books.

What is Teej Festival all about?


Teej is a festival in India which is also known to be the largest festival in the world. More than 100 million celebrate this festival in the month of Shravan. A few years ago, this festival was only performed in Northern India. But now this festival is celebrated in all parts of India including Assam, Bihar, Punjab and Pradesh. The festival marks the start of monsoon season and celebrated to honor the reunion of Lord Parvati and Lord Shiva. You may find hundreds and thousands of couples in this festival. Women mostly come to pray for the well-being of their husbands and men pray for the prosperity of their wives.

Foreigners may find vising this Teej festival very amusing because the festival is full of latest fashion, dancing and music performance. You may get a chance to see the traditional ancestral dances and moves by mixing hundreds of colors. This festival also requires a fast to be performed either by a husband or a wife, to display harmony and pray tribute to their lords.

How is Teej Festival celebrated in each state?


Teej festival is one of the most traditionally celebrated festival in Gujrat with famous Gerba and Dandiya dances performed day and night. Guajarati’s wear the traditional Ghagra cholis to celebrate this event in the most colorful way. With the rise and awareness of this celebrated festival, Gujarat has the most popular and well-organized way to encourage foreigners get insights of their traditions.


The festival of Teej is very old and no one can trace the exact origin of the start of this festival. However, Rajasthan wins here by popular vote, where husbands and wives take parts in dancing sessions, wear color Teej clothes and are decorated in famous Rajasthani suits. Foreigners may find this festival interesting as most of the street shops offer almost free food and drinks. You can also buy Rajasthani kundan jewelry in cheap. The celebration lasts for 3 days and trillions of people join this festival each year.


Punjabis celebrate this festival all around the year with many dance competitions, signing, painting, mehndi and various other methods to draw attention. Giddi, one of the oldest dance is performed in Punjab’s Teej festival each year with traditional footwear and clothing’s. The festival also encourages street vendors to earn money by selling traditional foods and beverages, mostly alcoholic. Punjabi dance is different and makes huge attention within the Punjabis. Other important things that are worn in this festival by Punjabis are earring, bangles and traditional necklaces.

These were the major places where Teej festival is celebrated. Obviously, there are tens of other places where Teej is celebrated in India, but these 3 places get all the attention and the rush to encourage foreign visitors to get deep insights of India tradition and culture.

You may also find this festival celebrated in Hindu majority areas other than India. One example of it is in Nepal and Burma, where the majority are Buddhists, but Hindus celebrate this festival with peace and solidarity. This festival is very entertaining to see and is a must celebration to see by every foreigner once in life.

To get into India, go to your nearest Indian Embassy and ask them the procedure to visit this festival. Indian Embassies are almost everywhere and in all countries of the world. You may also be privileged to get a free visa if you are in the list of visa free countries of India. Hoteling and food is cheap. Teej festival in India is surely a visit not to miss.

Six Reasons Why Seychelles Should Be Your Travel Destination In 2018


Looking for a vacation destination? The Seychelles are the perfect holiday destination for you, your family and friends. The Seychelles islands lie deep within the Indian Ocean just off the coast of East Africa. This group of 115 islands has an array of activities and relaxation opportunities and beautiful scenery as well. The islands have exotic wildlife, varied culture, beautiful beaches, and plenty of to-do activities. Over years, these islands have grown and become a dream holiday destination for all tourists. From great outdoor activities to enjoy the local food and drinks, below are reasons why Seychelles should be your travel destination in 2018.

Exotic Wildlife

Seychelles islands are known for being a home to some of the rarest collections of wildlife species. From the smallest frog on earth to uncommon giant turtles, the birds and animals on these islands are amazing. The black parrot, black geckos, and blue pigeons are some of the rare species also found on these islands. Visiting these islands will give you a fascinating experience.

Unique Culture

One of the best experiences in traveling is experiencing different cultures and traditions. There are many nationalities that settled on these islands including those from Africa, Britain, France, and China. This unique mix led to the interesting music, local art, and architecture. They have music that features lots of dancing and drumming with entrancing costumes.


The beautiful beaches of Seychelles are worth your visit to the iconic islands. There are a number of beaches to choose from. The Beau Vallon beach is the popular one. It has a variety of tourist facilities and good for swimming and sunbathing. If you prefer a beach that is not crowded, you will still have several options to choose from. In fact, you may have a whole beach to yourself if you go there during the week. Most of the beaches are surrounded by palm trees and beautiful vegetation which provides shade during the day.

Creole Cuisine

The Creole cuisine is a clear reflection of the diversity of the indigenous culture on the islands. It is mainly based on the delicious seafood found on the island. This is the only place you can have such an excellent Creole cuisine. Make Seychelles your travel destination the next vacation to have this experience.


If you like having on-your-feet activities, hiking in Seychelles can give you the best experience. With a pair of hiking shoes and camera, you can walk through the island mountains as you enjoy the landscape. Use your camera to capture the beautiful view you see. You will have something to remind you of the great experience on the island.

Warm Weather

Seychelles has a warm weather all year round with temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees Celsius. Without winter expectations, these islands are the ideal place to visit all year round at your convenience.

Save money on your cruise


If you ask from any experienced cruiser he will tell you about the beauty he saw, the fun he had and all the ports he visited. He will tell you about the cheap and expensive cruises he had but in the end he will tell you that all the cruises just want you money and you have to spend a lot to enjoy your trip according to them. You must ask him to give you tips to save money on your cruise

You are planning to go on a cruise ship vacation alone or with your family. Both have their own flavor. Cruise ship vacations are basically of two types. One is the week cruise ship vacations and the other is around the world cruises. It depends upon your budget and you vacation period. If you are going on a smaller vacation you can go for 1 week or 2 weeks’ vacation cruise. That starts from time to time and you can get information about them from internet or travel agencies.

Of course, this is a business, it is your holiday but it is their duty day and they know very well how to extract money from your pockets and fill their till. I will tell you about the tip you must follow to save money on your cruise.

  • Sign and Sail card

The very first step where you are looted by the cruise is the sign and sail card. For any new cruiser they offer a sign and sail card to every adult. You can use it in place of cash on counter, in the dance club, in bar and places like these. You are told that it is easy for you to handle a card instead of money and you can pay the bill in the end of the vacation, at the time of leaving the cruise. But through this card you cannot save money on your cruise.

  • Problems with Sign and Sail Card

But the drawback is that, it is just like a credit card where you have to spend more. Just like the credit card where we spend 18% more while shopping and do not notice this drawback the same is true with the sign and sail card. You spend more money than is required. The problem is that there are some places where you cannot use money even if you want to and you are forced to use the sign and sail card. You cannot hand the waitress any cash unless you give her an additional tip which is also included in the tip and so you cannot save money on your cruise.

  • Solution

The best way to save money on your cruise is to take the card as it is necessary at some places but you must identify the places where you are allowed to use cash instead of the sign and sail card. The places like casinos, bingo, tips to room steward and dining rooms are places where you can pay cash and you should to save money on your cruise.

To save money on your cruise you can go to Pursers desk and pay your bills by hand and can enjoy all the funs of the cruise without losing any extra money.

Places to visit in Masachaussets


Massachusetts is the State of US and shares a long coast with the water on the East. Boston is the capital of this state and is very rich in history. This state is home to the major freedom fighting movements that had its full presence and influence in late 1770’s. You may see thousands of art galleries and museums that displays the detailed history of this place in writing and in picture as well as art. The fine arts museums is the best of its kind and is frequently visited by many foreigners and Americans from other states. Apart from that, Massachusetts has one of the most top class and influential personalities, magnate and businessmen living in the. State, that has the powers to rule the world, metaphorically. The Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts is ranked amongst the best places to study in the world.

Below is the list of the best places that you can visit in Massachusetts.

1 – Martha’s Vineyard

This tiny island is situation in the Atlantic Ocean and have Cape Cod in the South. This place is famous for its scenic carousel and iconic cottages. The place has many amazing beaches where you can enjoy the best days of your life while watching a sunset. Just make sure that you grab your camera along, so you can grab the memories of a lifetime.

2 – Lexington

This amazing place is just the North of Boston which was one of the places where the independence war was declared, started and won. This place is rich of sculptures and you may find tens of Sculptures and American as well as British Troops in the city. If you love history, then Lexington is a place you must never miss. You can get a whole lot of insights and details of the minutemen militia members, who were crushed by the troops.

3 – Concord

Concord is said to be one the places that has the largest number of transcendentalists. It also has the top historical sites one must visit in life before dying. Even the movement of independence got started from this place and it is very rich in history. “Little Women”, the auto biography of the great Louisa (a great Author, biographer and producer) was also set at this place and you can easily travel the site by going to God’s Orchard House that has the original preserves of all works of many famous philosophers and writers.

4 – Salem and cape Ann

Cape Ann is situated in the North of Boston and known as a healthy fishing harbor which was once a major China trade route in the past. However, this place is not very well visited as people are not aware of the beautiful beaches and sites it has. You may visit the historical birthplace of Hawthorne and you may find hundreds of people already at this place. Salem is definitely a must visit site you may never miss if you love little towns, arts and crafts.